Welcome to Moray C.A.B

Using just your keyboard, it is possible to access the pages of our website and find the information you're looking for.

To use this feature, first you need to find your specific access key(s)
these depend on the web browser and operating system that you are using.
Below is a list of popular browsers and access keys:

    Windows Linux Mac
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer ALT N/A N/A
Chrome Chrome ALT ALT CTRL + ALT
Firefox Firefox ALT + SHIFT ALT + SHIFT CTRL + ALT
Safari Safari ALT N/A CTRL + ALT
Opera Opera up to 12.1 SHIFT + ESC SHIFT + ESC CTRL
Opera Opera 15 or newer ALT ALT ALT

Please Note
Using Internet Explorer, you will have to press the enter key after selecting the appropriate access key

With your access key identified, you can hold that down and press any of the following keys to open different pages of our website. The access keys are listed in the table below.

Key Location
A Opens the Access Key page
B Opens the Home page.
S Opens the Services page.
O Opens the Outreach page.
I Opens the Get Involved page.
Q Opens the Frequently Asked Questions page.
R Opens the News page.
C Opens the Contact Us page.
T Opens the Privacy Policy page.
M Opens the Sitemap page.
H Changes the site to High Contrast
N Changes the site to Normal Contrast

We enable this feature for accessibility reasons, specifically to make our website easier to use for those who may not be comfortable using a mouse or other pointing device.

Please note that this functionality only works on devices where you have a physical keyboard.